As a communications organizer for Know Your IX, a survivor- and youth-project that seeks to empower student survivors of sexual violence by educating young people on their Title IX rights, I served as design lead for graphics, documents, apparel, and the website. I also wrote copy and ran social media strategy. When Betsy DeVos announced a comment period for the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, I conceptualized, developed, and created a one-pager to be shared on social media and keep our audience informed. The end result—embedded below, top left—was retweeted over 1,000 times, more than any other post from the account.

Other noteworthy contributions include designing our Open Letter Toolkit, our Title IX Under the Trump Administration FAQ, graphics opposing the confirmation of Kenneth Marcus, and our tee shirt—in addition to writing fundraising emails throughout Fall and Winter 2017.

Lastly, using my experience as an organizer and student journalist, I co-led a media training for student organizers alongside Executive Director Sage Carson at our Know Your Rights training in DC in February 2018.