welcome + natalie

Hi world (AKA the 2 or 3 friends who click this to check out @natalie)! I wanted to post my images in a blog format because I want to document progress in a nice, linear way. That being said, I'm the type of person who is constantly paranoid about consistency, so I'm making a concerted effort to actually commit to shooting/posting regularly and having some semblance of style. 

I'll confess now that I've never read a single entry in ANYONE'S abroad blog (sorry!!) so the majority of me wants no one to read this. Let's all agree to not read anything I post and just look at the photos.

To those that have stumbled across this blog through my Instagram and have yet to meet me: hi! My name is Megan and I'm a photographer/student of women, gender and sexuality studies at Wash. U. I love meeting new people, exploring, and learning. I realize this sounds like I have the personality of an early 2000s Neopet. That's because I do!

I love collaborating with other artists and models, so hit me up if you're interested in working together. 

Major thanks to my beautiful friend Natalie for letting me drag her to a random patch of tall grass in Forest Park this past Sunday afternoon!!

This is me!! Photo by my model. The tables turned, obviously.

This is me!! Photo by my model. The tables turned, obviously.